Thursday, February 22, 2007


Your Ministry to the CHURCH

I’ve gone through a few areas of doing Christianity in the past few post. First, we are all uniquely created to do Christianity, it is not only a self focused faith and last post, I mentioned that we are called to minister at HOME. (click here for parts 1-3)

Today I want to talk about another calling that we all have as Christ followers. I believe that we must do Christianity at Church. If you are going to church on Sundays and you are only sitting in the pew or chair you really are missing the point. Church wasn’t created just so that you can learn from someone else. Your Church is a place where you can connect in fellowship with other believers, learn from other believers, teach other believers, and serve other believers – give of yourself for to bless others. It is a place where you are supposed to use your unique gifts that God gave you for the betterment of the Church body. What are you good at? How can you use that to build up the church that you attend? We all know churches that have “Sunday Sitters” – People that have a Sunday self-focused faith. (Isn’t that called religion?) More than ever, we need Christ followers making an impact in their Church – serving in the youth group, children’s department, cleaning tables and bathrooms, and for the people who have it, Givers who can drop more cash than the tithe to help fund the ministry. Where do you fit in the ministry of the Church. Why did God bring you to the church that you are sitting in – it’s not just to listen to a speaker and music. You will experience God far more when serving, giving, and ministering with joy at your church.

My Point: God has placed you in your church to serve and minister – how are you using the unique gifts God gave you to bless the church you attend?

I want to give a quick applaud to all those who went to Mexico from Clarksburg Community Church for the Short Term Missions trip. I am sure you received far more than you were able to give – that’s how it usually works. Good job to those of you who planned and prepared it – I’m sure you didn’t make Dennis do all the work.

I would love to hear some personal reports of your trip for those of you who went.

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