Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BOOK REPORT: Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission

Title: Maximum Impact Short-Term Missions
Authors: Peterson, Aeschliman & Sneed
Categories: Missions

I was given this book by a fellow Alternative Mission's staff member and it has helped me put in words some core beliefs that I have had about mission's and added to them as well. This is not a book for everyone to read, thus I almost didn't put it on the blog, but... I decided to because there are a few points that I want to highlight.

First: As Christ Followers we are called/mandated (i believe - created to) increase the kingdom. We are the salt of the earth, the light to the world and the hands and feet of God. We have this ability namely through our relationship with Christ. It is not something we necessarily have to study for several years and then we are real missionaries. Jesus trained his disciples by having them tag along in what he was doing, they learned by experience. I believe we all must take part in the great commission, and more specifically, missions.

Second: This book gives a lot of details and brakes things down - almost too much but one thing I like is what they call the Participant Trilogy. That is, there are Senders that help to send out people that go. There are Goer-Guests, the people that go and are guest at a ministry location. and finally the Host Receivers, the people receiving the goers and facilitating at the ministry location. The challenge that this book puts forth and that I uphold is this: As Christ Followers, we must place ourselves in at least one of these three ministering vessels (sender/goer/receiver) and i believe God has created us to fit in one of these areas. Which one do you fit in?

Third: I semi-mentioned this, but God calls everyone to get involved. This book highlights the amazing blessing that we as obedient followers receive. Just think of them yourself, you don't need the book to tell you that God is going to bless you more than you can imagine. Also, This book highlights so many Old Testament and New Testament accounts of Short Term Missions, it seems that it has always been a part of God's plan. Yet, somehow, we have turned short term missions into the second rate - not the real thing- mission trip. (Examples, read the stories of Paul, Barnabas, Philip, Steven, The Spies of Jericho, the several accounts of David, Nehemiah and Jonah - all Short Term Missions.

If you are involved in Short Term Missions at all, especially if it is part of your job at a church or missions organization you will do well to read this book.

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wayne said...

Thanks Phil. I'm very pleased the book has been a benefit to you, and a blessing for our wonderful Creator/Savior's great kingdom work. Thanks for the positive review. You should also check out the site.

R Wayne Sneed
Author: MISTM