Thursday, July 13, 2006

Email - The Cheaper, Easier Way to Communicate.

As we begin our fundraising we are beginning to see one area
that we can greatly cut cost - snail mail. We want to communicate with you via email and this blog predominantly. We will be sending out a regular email update with prayer requests, pictures and experiences that we would not be able to do via a letter in the mail. If you want to be on our email list please send your email address and $100 (just kidding) to us by sending us an email. If you email me at I will put you on our email list and you can share the experience instantly. I WILL REPLY WITH A SPECIAL SUPRISE THAT CAN ONLY BE ATTAINED THROUGH SIGNING UP ON OUR EMAIL LIST! This will keep you informed and aid us as we buy and lick less stamps, (thank you thank you thank you) .

Sharing The Experience,


brian davis said...

Is the P&S Experience anything like the Jamie Kennedy Experiment?

robyn ogilvie said...

hey guys!!!!!!!! i hope all is going well. we miss you and sounds like you two are having a blast. jason and i will get out there at some point. we're keeping you in our prayers.

robyn and jason