Sunday, February 11, 2007

Doing Christianity- Part 2

Uniquely Created - Part of Gods Plan

I am sharing some thoughts that seem a little basic but I feel I need to share them. Last entry I talked about a self focused faith that seems to be cultivated instead of an outward focus – serving others and impacting the people around us. Come on, am I the only one here that struggles with this? I have to remind myself often – I am here for a reason bigger than my own comfortable “Self Help” Christianity.

The next point I want to make quickly is that once we realize the call that God has put on all out lives, we realize that the mission field is all around us and God created US to impact that mission field. Wow, are you humbled by that? Really, God uses us – we are messed up people, but God uses us. That amazes me. Moving on… Add this to the craziness. God didn’t just choose to use us – despite our messed up state – but before we existed, He created us to be a part of His plan, to be used by us! Keep tracking with me, we realize that God created us uniquely to implement his plan where He places us. What does that mean? God created some people to specifically live in the suburbs and Do Christianity there. God created some others to live in a small town, on a specific street, or working with a specific person, as part of his plan. Still others, he creates to be specifically in ministry. Really, that is an exception to the fact that we are all created as ministers. With that in mind read Psalm 139. Remember that verse from there that says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…my frame was not hidden from you…” Read the whole psalm in its context (here) – it rocks.

So, my point: we are all created to be a part of Gods plan to impact the world – to Do Christianity, and we are created uniquely to fulfill that purpose.

What are you supposed to be doing and how where you uniquely created to minister there?

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