Friday, February 09, 2007


I want to start a series of posts that will pertain to something I have been thinking about for a while now. Maybe I will jump in with the big dogs and write a book someday – maybe not. For some readers these posts will be something you’ve heard before and honestly don't need to hear it, for others, it will be something that needs to be heard and applied, and for those of you who are just like me, I need to remind myself evey day about it. A lot of these thoughts have been encouraged/inspired by a few books and blogs I have been reading, namely CHAZOWN by Craig Groeschel and Maximum Impact Short Term Mission by Peterson, Aeschliman and Sneed.

I want to start a discussion about “Doing Christianity.” I know a lot of people are, but seriously, I think we get into those forgetfull slumps, at least I do. My frustration is that often we start looking at Christianity similar to a “self-help” book. We try to look for ways to improve ourselves, and ourselves only. Hear me on this, we must keep improving, investing, and growing spiritually but as we mature, (especially so) we must show fruit of our faith in God, by impacting the lives of others. I think often we look at our increased discipline or integrity and say, “here is the fruit of my faith.” Yes, that is fruit, but not the fruit that defines the impact you are making on the world God has placed you in. The fruit I am talking about is that which, because of your increased discipline, people at work ask you why you don’t cut corners like everyone else. Or students in class wonder why you won’t let them look at your answers during a test. This is the kind of fruit where, because of the personal fruitfullness that God has graced you in your life, you allow room for the Holy Spirit to provide avenues for you to share your faith. “Christ following” must impact the world around you. God created us to be a part f His plan to save the world. How do you fitting in that plan? This is a question I have to ask myself over and over, If I don't, I may start falling into the "self help" book christianity.

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