Friday, June 30, 2006

Costa Rica, The Story - Quick Version

This post is a response not only to Luke Mundy's Comment but to many others who have asked me in some fashion, "So, why Costa Rica?"

Foreign missions has been a part of my life in a small way as I have traveled to El Salvador three times for short term missions, the longest being 2 and a half months. Those trips taught me that I valued missions and see the purpose and need. Yet my wife has something greater than that. Where I have a limited knowledge and excitement for missions, she has a deep passion and an amazing heart for people in need. Before we were married we new that missions would be a part of our lives in our future and we look forward to seeing both our passions and experiences come together.

Some Friends of ours, Craig and Nancy Kirchhoff in Clarksburg (up near Sacramento), found out that we had a desire for missions and proposed an idea about a year and a half ago. "Why don't you move to Costa Rica, take care of our house and take the opportunity to test your heart for missions." We loved the idea and after some prayer and discussion told them so, but agreed that the timing wasn't right. In November of 2005 Craig and Nancy asked us again and after discussion and looking at some dates agreed that the timing was right.

The short list of details are that we will be living in Hone Creek, a small town on the Caribbean coast just above the Panama border. (We will be between Cahuita and Puerto Viejo. For more maps, click here) We will be ministering under the accountability and care of Marketplace Missions, the same organization that my friend Lance Grush in El Salvador is working under. I hope this answers a few questions and I would love to e-hear more from you. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing your thoughts of what we are doing, and answer any questions you may have.

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Enjoy the opportunity when you can. Wish you the best :)