Sunday, July 09, 2006

Making It Real - Fundraising Time

After a lot of research and communication with people living in Hone Creek and other missionaries in Latin America, we have come to a finalized projected budget. (To View the Budget, click on the picture to the right, then scroll to the bottom right of the spreadsheet and click on the "expand" box that appears.)

After 3 years of working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes I have seen the importance of fundraising. All ministry needs to be funded. Through a series of events, prayer, a lot of discussion and those "divine confirmations," we know that going to Costa Rica is the next step for us.

To take this next step, we need help. Just like being a domestic missionary for FCA, Shannon and I need to raise the money to fund this mission. We have projected that one year of expenses will cost $10,995.

Many people have already contacted us about supporting this trip to Costa Rica and I want to share the simplest way you can help us impact the Hone Creek area. Like we have said before, we are going through Marketplace Missions, Inc. Do you want to Share the Experience? If you want to support Shannon and I with a tax deductible donation (either a one time gift or a monthly donation) please send a check to:

Marketplace Missions
PO Box 31504
Omaha, NE 68131-0504

On the "Memo" line of the check, please write "Ogilvie's, Costa Rica" or you can wrap the check in a piece of paper saying the same thing. To help me keep track of funding, please let me know if you have chosen to share the experience either by a phone call (559.307.8826) or an email (

Again, Thank you for sharing this experience and supporting us financially. Please fill free to share any questions or comments pertaining to our fundraising efforts.

Sharing the Experience,

2 comments: said...

Hi Philip & Shannon,
My Delta girls and I are getting excited to leave for Costa Rica and fix up your house before you two arrive.
Your blog is great to check out and because I'm your mom my home page alternates between yours and David's :>)

Looking over your budget, is your fundraising expense listed to be used before you leave for CR? I figure while in CR you and Shannon will mostly use your website.

You have an exciting year ahead of you and I know you will make the most of it! Mom XO

Phil & Shan Ogilvie said...

Most of the Fundraising expenses for this trip will be spent prior to this trip. Depending on how fundraising goes before we leave, we will mind out if we need to make another funding push during November or December.

As of right now, we are planning to send out about 200 letters before we leave and mail out 3 or 4 newsletters during the year we are in Costa Rica. Depending on expense, we may issue a e-Newsletter only via an email database that we set up.

Thanks for sharing this information with others.