Saturday, December 30, 2006

What I've Learned - Part 1: The Greatest Need

When I was at home in Clarksburg I was blessed to preach at Clarksburg Community Church, the Church that I grew up in. I Shared about three things that I have learned so far while I have been in Costa Rica. I thought I would share a "semi-transcript" from that message.


When I Shannon and I got to Costa Rica, our first second week there, Lance Grush , a missionary and sponsor from Marketplace Missions, came to visit us and help “Move In.” Going through some ideas in my own head, I asked Lance, “What is the one resource you need to increase the impact in your ministry?” You know what he said?

Next we invited the Director of Alternative Missions, Puerto Viejo over to his house. Barrett Cruce and his wife and two kids over for dinner and during this informal interview process, I asked Barrett the same question, “What is the one resource you need to increase the impact in your ministry?”

You know what he said? We need PEOPLE. Here I am expecting to hear a certain pre conceived money amount (which we do need) or the resources to build a building for an all purpose facility for the youth (which we do need) or funding for the entire year so that he can focus on ministry (yes, he needs that too). But what both Lance Grush and Barrett Cruce, two missionaries in two different countries doing two different kind of missions operations both say the need is PEOPLE, Staff, interns, people that will be there for a little while.

As Shannon and I processed this together we were a little shocked and in a way thought, He needs help or Alternative Missions needs help. After working with them for two and a half months, we are very invested into the ministry and a part of the ministry that is taking place. WE need help. WE need staff to help sustain the ministry and grow the ministry down there. WE are fully carrying the burden of that need now.

WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM EXPERIENCE: The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Better expressed in the verses of John 4:34-38

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