Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back to Work

Shannon and I got back to our house late Thursday night after a long drive from San Jose. It is so nice to be back. The house was in great shape except the phone line was out and I had to repair that yesterday.

Yesterday - what a day. We had a staff meeting all morning to catch us up. It was great to hear all the exciting things that happened since we’ve been gone. The Office is finished; the deck of the music cafĂ© is up with the extended roof. Youth Night has been going well and there is a buzz happening about our New Years party and Skate competition. Last night we served at youth night where Barrett gave a great message about life with Christ and Life with out. He used two back packs, one filled with heavy rocks and the other filled refreshing food and juice to show that Christ wants to remove our heavy burdens and give us his yoke that is not heavy but helpful. At the end, Davis closed in prayer.

Davis is becoming one of my favorite kids. I want to start hanging out with him more. At the end of the night, he and his neighbor Raul, who he brought, stayed and skated a little more. Davis wants to win the skate competition. He has practiced so much since we’ve been gone that I can see a very large improvement. We talked a little and joked around a bit. He was determined. He said he didn’t want to give up. I love that! He has the heart of a true athlete. At the end of the night, he stayed and helped to put our equipment away – servant leadership is what I saw.

Our first day back was packed but I feel that it was rewarding too. God is breaking my heart more and more for the youth. I missed them and the ministry here when I was gone. I’m glad.

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