Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On the other side of things

It is Tuesday at 7:30pm and I am posting now because we are back in Costa Rica, sitting in our favorite hostel and I am going over all the activities of the last two weeks. This was my first experience fundraising officially ( we were always fundraising for Fellowship of Christian Athletes when Phil was on staff) but it is a different feeling to know that we are fundraising together this time and it falls just as much on my shoulders as it does on Phil's. I am convicted to think that this is probably more how the latter should have been as well.
It has taught me a lot about how I view money and relationships and the support that both Phil and I have in Fresno and Sacramento. We are blessed with people that genuinely care about Phil and I following the Lord and being able to go where we feel He is calling us. It is a difficult position to get used to, to always be sharing with people what you are doing and in the end leading up to the question of whether or not they could see themselves being apart of what God is doing with us and this team in Costa Rica. I learned that some meetings end with simply making sure that the person or couple sitting across from you know without a doubt that you genuinely care about them and do not see them soley as a means for support. I learned that some meetings end up with no ask, and faith comes in to making sure I know that Puerto Viejo and this team is exactly where Phil and I need to be and that God will provide for us to continue to stay there. I have also learned that you can ask and trust that the person sitting across from you knows and loves you enough to be able to say either Yes or No depending on how they feel led by the Lord. God is humbling me to know that some of our closest friends are our biggest supporters and very few of them are any older than we are. God has blessed us with friends and families who have amazing hearts to give and when you are on the recieving end it leaves you not wanting to forget this feeling so that in the future you will be one of those people who gives to others and enables them to go where God is leading them. God is faithful, I trust Him to support us and lead us through this and I have never been more sure that Costa Rica is the one place that we are supposed to be. In that I can rest.

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