Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Supporting With Your Eyes Closed

I had a great conversation with my brother today. We sent him a support letter, but because he lives in Atlanta he was unable to attend one of our informative desserts where he could have asked questions and heard our plans. (For you Fresno people, we have one more planned on August 25th at Carol and Jerry Rudolph's house. Please RSVP via email) My brother made a great point. He felt he missed out on information and wanted to talk to me before he chose to support us. He said, "I don't want to support you 'blind,' I want to know what you are doing." What a great way to put it. I don't want anyone to support us blind and this in one of the reasons we have set up this blog. We want to answer questions you post to us. Please feel free to be specific. Ask questions before you donate and keep your eyes open to watch what God is doing.

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David Ogilvie said...

Wasn't that picture taken about four years ago? Between you and I, I am sure we can find a better, more up to date one.

See how easy it is to post a comment or a question everyone?

David (aka "the brother")