Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"It" is Time

"It" begins. After months of preparation, friends and family by our side in support, "it" begins. And what is "it" you ask? The trip that we have all been waiting for; the experience that will shape the way we live the rest of our lives; the thought process that will mold our minds and alter our view; the opportunity to invest in a new culture, ourselves and our future is it. This is not a plug for eBay, this is a micro-explanation of the craziness inside my mind. I can't believe it is actually here! We have planned, prepared and waited; planned some more, prepared some more and waited some more. And now that it is finally here, I feel more restless than ever. It seems the closer we are to arriving in Costa Rica, the more we are having to wait.

We left Fresno on Monday at 3:20pm by train heading to Sacramento. (I am wearing my FSU Track T Shirt as a memorial to my 8 years in the unique valley I will always call home.) It is now Tuesday night and I have visited almost all the family that I have planned on visiting. I have been blessed and surprised by many phone calls from friends (I call them brothers) wishing me their last goodbyes. It is just now beginning to hit me - we are detaching ourselves from family, friends, comfort... fill in the blanks associated with the American dream. Am I ready? Yes, but just enough to take a few steps. Beyond that I get a little anxious. Trusting the Lord to provide, I have found a new motto for this trip, "We'll figure it out." Not that we haven't planned as much as we can, but if I had a dollar for every time I said that to myself, my mother and my self again!

So, it begins. The figuring it out part is coming next. Please be praying for us. I will write my next entry in Costa Rica, most likely in San Jose.

Figuring it out and Sharing the Experience,

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