Monday, October 02, 2006

Meet our Friend Jose

Here's our new alarm system. It works great, there are no wires and it turns off by voice command.

We got Jose for free from the Director of Alternative missions down here whom we have now come to concider as friends, not just people that we will work for. Shannon has been running on the beach with Amy (the Directors Wife) and I have taken one trip to Limon with Barret (the Director) which allows for great conversation and "get to know you time." They are doing a great job and we believe in their vision for ministry here in Puerto Viejo.

One very cool part of living down here is church. As you may imagine, it is different than home. We attend a "House Church" that meets at Barret and Amy's Home. We pray, worship with guitars and voices, have a light meal together, and discuss the scriptures. There is not so much a "preacher" as a facilitator to help discussion move along. This experience has definitly expanded our mind as to what "Church" is. I would like to pose the same question to all readers of this Blog. What is Church? Is it an event? Is it a location? Is it a preacher and Choir? If there were no preacher can you still have Church? Are the purposes of Church still met and with that, what are the purposes?

I would love to hear people's comments as Shannon and I enter this discussion ourselves. We are looking forward to hearing what other people think.

Sharing the Experience,


Brian McGuire said...

You guys are awesome. I am now going to take gret pride in never using a blog before getting to learn on the P&S Experience. I love the information you have provided. Will send some cash to Omaha.
In response to the blog:
Church means a body of Christ, people that are willing to come together as a family and submitting to the holy spirit.
thats it. thats all I got.

I miss your smiling faces and hope that this trip continues to go well for you. Prayerfully yours,
Brian and the girls

Phil & Shan Ogilvie said...

I love your Comment on church being a "Family" Brian. I hear people say I don;t need to go to church, I can be a Christian on my own. Christainity wasn't set up like that! (Judaism was't either) Te Scriptures were ment to discuss with the rest of the "Family" and wrestle with them. This was a great way to keep heresy away too. We also need our family to support us in decision making, like moving to Costa Rica, in mentoring relationships, and corprate worship. I do believe in solotude with God but I also think God likes his people to come together to worship him. I believe this is a great picture of what heaven will be live.

There's my 2 cents about family. I love the Family of believers and will attend a Church for the rest of my life, weather it meets in a house or on a giant campus.



Amanda said...

what's uuuuuupppppp??????!!!!!!!
hey guys! after a brief hiatus duirng my own move i am now back in communication with the rest of the world! great to read your blog...looks like you guys are doing well!

re: your Church question...check out my blog: it's for one of my classes, but i will post at least three times a week, and often the posts have to do with that very question. i'm sure davis has already told you this, but you should read Shane Claiborne's book, the irresistible Revolution. it totally wrestles with the idea of "Church." really good.

love you guys and miss you!

Mom said...

hi you two,
I have just had dinner with Robin and Les Murphy. They are babysitting Jon and Cindy's 2 little ones at their new home in the bay area while they are in China. They will be back on Sunday and I think Robin will be ready for R&R back home in Clarksburg. It is their 27th anniversary so I had to come and crash their romantic dinner. Not really...I was invited and then I am going to spend the weekend with Robyn for her birthday. Robin and Les say hello and now that robin can find your blog she'll keep checking in.
Love you both!
Mom xoxoxo

skinnypunk12 said...

What's church? Thats easy: "Church is a building for public, especially Christian worship," or "ecclesiastical power as distinguished from the secular." Yeah, thats from, so there you have it.