Thursday, October 12, 2006

Direction Description - What are we doing?

Hey there readers, I know it’s been while since I posted a blog entry, I am sorry. We have been very busy this last week and are excited to share our future here in CR with you. Shannon and I have been talking with the director of operations here and have now hammered out three main areas of focus each for us at the moment that we are all excited about.

Shannon will aid the entire staff in administrative needs in order to free up time for staff members to focus on larger projects. This has been a position that they have actually been praying about and upon meeting with Shannon and I found out that this is exactly what Shannon wanted to do, before they even asked! Second she will help start a women’s bible study with community members in the area that she is already building relationships with. This she is very excited about. Last, Shannon will play an integral part in the Youth Ministry of Alternative missions focusing on younger children and the young women in the community.

I will be focusing on aiding the Youth Ministry as well. This will be building relationships, increasing attendance and discipleship of young men. I am excited to start investing into potential leaders in the program. Tomorrow Night I will be speaking at the youth Club night, sharing about my story getting to CR and living life attached to the Vine (John 15) Second, I will be aiding the team in Financial administration which is mostly keeping track of finances to give to the accountant monthly on an excel file. Finally, I will be aiding the ministry in short term team’s administration and communication. Basically, getting them here, aiding them while they are here, and getting them home, all in one peace. Right now this is entirely run by T.J Gause and we will move into a more 50/50 role so that she can get more involved with youth.

We are excited to get started and this week Shannon and I are highly involved with the youth this Friday night. Be praying for us and we look forward to sharing more of it with you soon.

Sharing the Experience,

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