Monday, April 09, 2007

Some Thoughts the Day after Easter – Hiding the Resurrection

I learned something about myself this past Easter Season. Here’s my point that I want to explain:

I think I/we may have inadvertently and unconsciously hidden the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with the luxuries and comforts that come from our prosperity that is inevitably a part of our culture.

Ok, let me explain. I know that all of us don’t fall into this category at first glance, but when I took a second and third glance at myself, I can see how the commercialized easter and the spiritual acts of easter tradition may have clouded my view of the reality of Easter – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer #1 – I know that a lot of the traditions point many people toward Christ, but not all people.

Disclaimer #2 – I know that many of the great traditions and commercialization are not in themselves bad, but if I am not careful, I can allow them to distract me from Christ.

Disclaimer 3# - I place myself first on the list of “Hiding the Resurrection.”

I’ll be honest; I missed the easter eggs, pastel shirts, and the buzz on Easter Sunday service this year. A week before Easter, I began thinking to myself, “what is this holiday going to be like,” and I had the feelings of, “I’m really going to be missing out on all the fun of Easter.” I think God is teaching me that I need to remember the real reason for the Easter celebration and that all the other “easter luxuries” are superficial.

My Easter this year was different than what I grew up with. In Costa Rica, where financial status does not allow for to many additions to the holiday, I saw no easter eggs, easter lilies, rabbits or baskets. When Shannon and I asked some of the kids, “Did you get some candy?” or “Did you do something special for Easter?” (from our Americanized cultural reference on Easter no doubt) we got blank stares. The youth here have never had the “easter luxuries” so culturally normal, and at times demanding, in the states.

Before I ruin the fun of Easter, I better offer …

Disclaimer #4 – I will be celebrating Easter with my children (who are in the far future) with Easter baskets, chocolate and eggs. I love that stuff and I think it is great for building memories with the family. But, I want to make sure and keep this in balance with the Truth of the Resurrection.

I guess, going back to my point, this is something we better think about and if we are bold enough, take some action. Making sure our children know far more about Christ’s resurrection than about the different kinds of chocolate under the different color wrappers. We need to make sure that the buzz of Easter Sunday, the new Easter dress, and the Beautiful open and un-open Easter lilies don’t fog the real reason for celebration, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Where would we be with out the Resurrection? We would not be saved from our sins which translates into a very hot and uncomfortable eternity apart from God. We would not have the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Jesus would be just like any other really influential person of his day or even ours.

Am I going to stop celebrating Easter they way I grew up celebrating it? No. But, I will make sure that I add a fresh and relevant dose of Truth, uncovering and remembering the Resurrection.

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